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Emotion of Hair

Posted by Charlotte on March 1st, 2016 (Uncategorized)

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Emotion of Hair by Charlotte Murray

Hair is such an emotional thing. Being a hairdresser for the last 30 years I know the importance of hair. It is connected to our whole psyche. It is linked to our sexuality, potency, health and happiness. It says so much about us. It is the “Peacock” effect. Showing the outside world who we are trying to portray! If you enter a room wearing a black suit from Armani or a suit from Primark no one can tell where it is from if your hair is knock out!

There are times when your hair lets you down and it can be devastating. Aggressive medicine, under eating, hormonal problems, hair loss, greying, too much/ too little, too thick/ too fine, curly/ straight, frizzy/flat, won’t grow/ grows too fast, too long/ too short….the list is endless. Finding the right hairdresser that understands and listens is essential. The connection between the individual and their hair may sound superficial but I know that emotions can run deep. For some people even just looking at themselves in the mirror is hard, let alone changing their image.

Our hair is connected to our femininity and masculinity. Life throws curve balls at us and having a really great hairdo can really lift our spirits. Similarly a bad haircut can ruin us for a very long time.  I have looked after people that have had such awful experiences they physically shake when in the chair. Pudding bowl hairdos, Sun-in colour disasters, never being “allowed” to have long hair, walking around with a massive frizz-bomb, being asked whether you were a girl or boy, asking for a trim and leaving with no hair…and it goes on

Many women chase the memories of having that 7 year old blonde sun-kissed long hair and keep it well into their 70’s. Not wanting to lose their youth that is still so entwined with the now woman. Men realising that they just didn’t know how fabulous their hair was in their youth until it starts vacating the scalp. Hair is many women’s main ornament worn as an important piece of jewellery. If nature did not intend this for you and you are not blessed with a mane….What to do??? Spend a lifetime chasing the big/flat/straight/long hair dream that can “maybe” never be achieved? Ooh it’s exhausting!

Women love to have a huge hair transformation when they have a significant relationship breakdown. There is a real need to change their plumage! Put a new person in the mirror. Smoking brunettes become blonde bombshells. Sunny blondes become rampant redheads. Ravishing redheads transform into serious raven black vamps. It’s all there to give you a new look to find a fresh adventure. Similarly short haircuts following childbirth, shocks and medicine can also be emotional. Starting life again in a different guise, reinventing yourself can be invigorating, even though it may be scary.

The physiological side of hair has always fascinated me. Getting the best out of the follicles we have and achieving it is a magical thing. Seeing a happy person feeling confident in their new look is a joy. I would urge everyone to enjoy their hair and push the boundaries. Find a stylist that gets you. Do some research on Google Images to get your juices flowing.  Go for it and live a little. You know what!? It’ll grow back!! No wonder hairdressers are a collection of people “happiest at work”. Hair is important. I know I would say that, doing what I do, but I mean it!

Happy hair

Charlotte xx

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